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About Me

I’m a designer and entrepreneur from Charlotte, NC who is passionate about solving problems. Although I primarily focus on design and marketing, I love any project where I feel I can help make a difference. If your business or organization is passionate about what you do, I’d love to meet you.

Over my career, my past jobs and clients have exposed me to so many different experiences. I’ve done everything from design to insurance sales to photography to performance comedy. After designing for clients in dozens of different industries, I apply a unique approach to design that blends elements from all of these experiences.

I have a BA in Journalism with a focus in Advertising from UNC-Chapel Hill. During my time there, I also completed a second major in Communications with a focus in Media Production.

I’m currently available for projects I can complete remotely or onsite work in the Charlotte, NC area. If you’re looking for someone to help on your current projects and feel I may be a good fit, I’d love to meet you.