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Digital Marketing Announcements from Apple’s WWDC

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has traditionally been a holiday in June for me. A lot of the time, I leave the keynote feeling hype about a new feature. Not this year. Unfortunately the Steve Jobs...

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After Effects Keyboard Shortcuts Every Motion Designer Should Know

Layer Properties P – Toggle position property A – Toggle anchor point property T – Toggle opacity property (think “opaci-T”) R – Toggle rotation property S – Toggle scale property U – Toggle open all keyframed properties on layer U + U – Toggle...

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Video Exporting Time – To Bill or Not to Bill?

For motion graphics artists, animators, and video professionals, exporting time is dull. Every designer knows that. It’s not the flashy, creative part of the process with things changing and moving. However, it’s just as important as everything...

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Creative Source Files – Are They Free?

Whenever a new contract is started, it’s always best to determine up front what that contract includes. Is it for just the final product? What does that final product include – and more importantly – not include?...

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Updated Site!

It’s been a few years since I last wrote a blog post, so it’s probably appropriate I write another one. Hey, 3 or 4 posts a decade is a good pace, right? I’m revisiting the blog here...

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Hello, Internet!

I finally broke down and got a website. So I have to assume I am now famous. That’s how the Internet works, right? No? Well then… “What’s the website for?” That’s a good question, me. It’s a...

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