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Personalized motion graphics take good videos and make them great. They add the “it” factor that so many videos lack. And most importantly, custom animations add professionalism to videos that help set you apart from your competition. I’ve never found a video that can’t be improved in some way with the help of a motion graphics designer.


Whenever you watch TV, you’ll rarely find a commercial that doesn’t have motion graphics. Whether it’s the logo animation at the end, a demo of an app, or superimposing graphics on top of video, adding professional motion graphics has become a must-have for videos.


It’s incredible how the entire perception of a video changes when something as simple as a logo animation accents the beginning or end of a video. Professionally animated elements are what separate commercial-quality video from the amateur-level videos that muddy the Internet. I frequently find that small improvements to the graphics in videos can be the missing solution to an otherwise solid marketing video.


Even for small businesses, a small investment in a personalized motion graphics package can provide a huge return on investment. Starting with a logo animation can set you apart from your competitors as it adds authority to your video marketing materials. And in many cases, these graphics can be reusable and be a valuable one-time investment.


Motion graphics can take many forms –

  • Animated explainer videos
  • Text animation
  • Product demo videos
  • Icon animation
  • 3D motion graphics
  • Whiteboard drawing animations
  • App demo videos
  • Custom logo animations
  • Animating your existing marketing materials
  • Elements on top of video footage
  • Call to action video bumpers
  • And so much more. I’d love to help create anything you can dream up


My Design Style

I love flat designs. I feel bold, solid colors help tell a story in a unique way. It allows designs to be boiled down to their essential parts, which makes a message easier to digest.

Although most of my videos are flat animations, I frequently take 3d motion graphics projects to creatively mix things up. These usually involve simple 3d modeling or animating outside OBJ elements like iPhones or laptops. In many cases, I can also create 3D mockups of your products for animation.


My Background

Surprisingly enough, I fell in love with motion graphics entirely by accident.


I have always loved making videos and taking pictures. Whenever I had a camera in my hands, I was comfortable. Storytelling came most easily through a lens.


This led me to originally take an internship at a video studio in Burlington, NC where I was brought on to help the media team as a videographer and event photographer. However, two weeks into my internship, the company’s motion graphics designer quit, and I was thrust into the motion graphics designer role headfirst. That led to months of finding tutorials and teaching myself how to use After Effects. I fell in love.


After my whirlwind experience as an intern, the Creative Director of AMP Studios hired me to be a full-time motion graphics designer. Years later I rose to be the Senior Motion Graphics Designer, and the rest is history.



I currently work as a freelance contractor and am always open to new clients and projects. If you’re looking for a Charlotte, NC motion graphics designer, I’d be glad to work onsite if a project is in the area. Otherwise, I’m happy to take on clients working remotely from anywhere in the world. No project is too big or too small. If you feel I would be a good fit for your upcoming work, I’d be glad to jump on a call with you to talk through the details.

The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring.