Hello, Internet!

I finally broke down and got a website. So I have to assume I am now famous. That’s how the Internet works, right?


Well then…

“What’s the website for?”

That’s a good question, me.

It’s a digital portfolio. A place for me to post my work. A website for my design, my comedy, my music – and most importantly – a finger sandwich safehaven. I imagine it will also be a place for bots to find my new email and send me spam. You know, standard Internet stuff.

This blog is here because of the federal statute saying if you have a website, you have to post blogs that no one will ever read. There’s also a solid chance I’ll forget the blog portion of my site is here and this will serve both as an introduction and a goodbye to the Internet.

So…it’s been real!

Email me if you ever have a project you’d like me to help out on or if you just want to say hello!

Thanks for dropping by.